PDN Photo Expo & Shoot NYC – What the PR People Didn’t Want You to Know – Part 1

I always go with a purpose just like any self-directed New Yorker to the PDN Photo Expo at Javits Center. This year I added Shoot NYC at The Terminal Building off 11th Avenue so my plan became even more specific than in previous years.

My targeted areas of interests in order of magnitude:

Finding affordable equipment appropriate to my small business seminar, Using What You Have and (Still) Produce Great Video to Increase Sales for the Web & Beyond.

Looking for any new or interesting gear or anything that might suggest trends, e.g. the use of constant lighting, in the photo industry.

See if any blog story ideas I’ve been mulling over were worth pursuing, e.g. how to improve camera image quality without having to step to a full-fledge DSLR (digital single lens reflex)
camera. Read more..

Donald Schwartz November 9, 2011 Filed in Photography No Responses