Video Production Then and Now – Making a Living


A young friend wrote to me with a number of questions regarding his future in video production. What follows is my response based on my experience. There is a lot of territory to go over here, so let’s count this as a start.

When was then? 1977 to 1990 approx.

(Letter Excerpt)

Question: Do you still shoot commercial video at all?

Answer: No, I don’t shoot commercial video at all. Why do you ask? Look, if someone tossed a couple of bucks my way I wouldn’t turn it down, but I can certainly do without the pressure of trying to produce video that meets my standards (NB: they’re probably too high). And, for the same token, I can’t and won’t hump cases and spend endless hours coiling cables and counting bulbs at 3 AM.

Question: Did you find the industry very rewarding? Read more..

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