In Between The Tweets – The JUNO Tweetup Remembered

Filling in the Gaps of My NASA Juno Tweetup

Tweeters Capturing the Moment of Liftoff – Credit: Donald Schwartz

Tweeting at best is like dehydrated food, inedible without water. The missing water is the left out words. I’ve read insightful, revealing tweets and wondered what the tweeter had to do to fit his or her thoughts into 140 characters.

On August 4th and 5th 2011, I along with one-hundred and fifty others who signed up and were selected from the fifteen hundred who applied, tweeted the NASA Juno mission’s launch from Kennedy Center in Florida. Now many months after the event of the satellite launch to Jupiter I’ve gone back to add the water and reconstitute what I left out in composing and condensing my thoughts regarding an indelible event in my life.

If you’ve ever tried tweeting a live event you can appreciate the difficulty of keeping up with what is happening while trying to condense your observations.

Off-World and a Chance to Begin Again

Outer space, space travel and NASA make a lot of people yawn. I take a different view: I just can’t get enough of thinking and talking about what’s out there in all that blackness. I recall Carl Sagan’s Cosmos TV series refrain: “Billions and billions of stars” and see infinite possibilities. I remember Scotty, the chief engineer of the original Star Trek series, telling Captain Kirk “I’m giving you all I can” when he pushed the Enterprise’s warp drive engines to their limits. Unfortunately, our current rocket propulsion of exploding gases is a horse and buggy equivalent to what propelled the Enterprise. But I believe if we can imagine, we can do it.

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