Long Running Video Instruction Workshop Adds Common Shooting Mistakes to Production Basics

A free, video workshop taught by Donald Schwartz, former DP, producer, Director, grip and gaffer, adds common shooting mistakes to a solid instruction in lighting and sound skills. The November 16th, hands on class, to be held at the Highland Falls Library in Highland Falls, NY, will show video clips from the NYC Filmmakers and Actors Group Meetup headed by Patrick Miao and Videomaker Magazine to demonstrate the mistakes.

Workshop Moves Away From Slides to Demonstration

The Video ASAP workshop begins with the basics: how what you see is different from how the camera sees and then tackles lighting in more detail using available and artificial light. Sound, often neglected by new filmmakers, includes a demonstration of microphone usage. The workshop, which started in 2010 running twenty-minutes, showed photo stills and diagrams. As the workshops grew longer live demos of lights and microphones provided by manufacturers such as Audio Technica, Chimera, Lowell, Westcott and California Sunbounce were added.

Video clips will show three of the most common shooting mistakes as well as the camera(s) set up for two-person conversation coverage. A common shooting mistake is the jump cut which occurs when cutting into a shot to decrease the length. The cut appears as a jarring motion, leaping between two places without taking the intermediary steps. For conversation camera coverage, proper camera positioning and framing enables a smooth edit between the two people having a conversation.

Schwartz finds the of use of household implements useful in clarifying key photographic principles. A vegetable steamer and a Jorgensen clamp together show how the size of the camera’s opening, called the aperture, changes the depth of field.

With the addition of production video clips, the workshop looks at the end-game of video production, what is needed to successfully edit production footage.

Workshop Videos Provided by Patrick Miao, Director of Photography

The workshop’s video clips come from forty year old Patrick Miao who lives in Queens, NY. Miao is a self-taught director of video photography. He is emblematic of Schwartz’s view that learning video production does not require a degree, but is best learned by doing. Miao’s projects are developed and crewed from his video production meetup. Successful video production meetups, including Miao’s, provide a place to learn these production crew positions: lighting, grip, set design, assistant director, assistant camera, and sound. Schwartz also recommends NYFG(New York Film Group), currently producing a feature film, as a good place to pick up filmmaking skills.

Miao’s appetite for the tools and techniques that contribute to video quality is insatiable. Patrick’s projects increasingly show production values, lighting and sound, that are not expected from inexperienced crews.

The Name Change to Video ASAP from Use What You Have – A Small Footnote

Use What You Have and Still Create Great Video and Beyond, the workshop’s previous name, was changed to Video ASAP – Practical Instruction for Producing Quality Video Now to place less emphasis on what you can build yourself and more on practical video production techniques that can be applied to the videos students are creating now.

Details and registration for Video ASAP workshop: Eventbrite.com.

Author: Donald Schwartz

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