Request Your Editorial Help – Juno Tweetup Anniversary Blog Post

Dear Juno Tweeters:

With August 2012 comes the anniversary of our attendance at the Juno Tweetup. I’ve been working on an article for my blog,, with the title “In Between the Tweets.” While the article is posted I don’t consider it completed by any means.

I’m crowd-sourcing the editorial so the post can be completed prior to the August launch anniversary. I’ve been futzing around with it since April. (Note: Editors and deadlines do have their place in the scheme of things.)

I request your assistance in editing the content for:

1. Factual correctness
2. Length – suggest which tweets might be eliminated
3. Grammar – if you can convince me that a period here or comma there might make a sentence read more clearly I might make the change.
4. Identifying people pictured.
5. Original posters please fill-in any abbreviated tweets.
6. I’m considering adding a sub-headline, what should it be?

What does the title, “In Between the Tweets” mean? I thought it might be fun to fill in what I was thinking about when I tweeted the event live. I call the expanded versions of my tweets WILOs (What I Left Out).

If you have any tweets from the Juno tweetups that you’d like to briefly expound upon, please e-mail them using the article’s format, the tweet followed by the WILO, and I’ll post them if I get more than a dozen or so. I will make every effort to launch the revised post prior to the anniversary which is only a week away.

My thanks to John Yembrick of NASA and Raytheon’s Stephanie Schierholz for their assistance in helping spread my request.

Thanks a lot.

Donald Schwartz
Twitter: Ishkahbibel

PS. I welcome anyone adding a timeline to this story.
PPS. Get up early or stay up late to watch and tweet the Curiosity landing. I’m sure you have the date marked on your calendar’s.

Regarding Comments - I welcome comments, but I reserve the right to delete postings that are verbally offensive to me or anybody else. You can comment without attacking anyone personally. I have no problem with anyone criticizing my ideas or writings, but request you try to substantiate your views if you do. If I misspell a name or get a fact wrong, correct me and I'll revise the copy. My staff of fact-checkers is always on vacation or taking a break.

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