Internet Conversations Have Gone Astray

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Conversation, defined by Merriam Webster as an “oral exchange of sentiments, observation, opinions or ideas” has gone astray on the social-media-focused Internet. Everything but “oral” is applicable here because technology and the Internet have altered the way we conduct many of our conversations.

Take Facebook as an example of the decline. One person may be expressing a point-of-view and another commenting, yet another may simply take the option of liking or disliking a post or a link or a status update. These short exchanges may involve one, two, or a dozen people or more with commenters directing their attention to the original post. A post reader “likes” or “dislikes” a post or responds with a multiple word comment, perhaps a sentence or two and that’s the end of it. Even the Quora website platform, purported to be a catalyst for conversation, following the Q&A approach, does little to induce anything beyond limited, minimal exchanges. Why? Read more..

Donald Schwartz December 6, 2011 Filed in Social Media No Responses