Don’t Worry Your Data Is Safe – Why HP Doesn’t Have Your Back

When Dante in HP tech support, during a online live chat, told me repeatedly that my PIM data, which is everything I ever put on my succession of Palm personal digital assistants, was safely backed up on Palm/ HP’s servers I began to worry. PIM is short for personal information manager.

Because I have years of movie dialogue stored in my head the word safe can sometimes sound menacing when it is generally meant to be reassuring . Think of the 1976 film, Marathon Man, in which Lawrence Oliver probes into an exposed nerve in Dustin Hoffman’s tooth with a dentist’s tool asking repeatedly and insistently “is it safe?”

This brings me to the strange (as in a Sherlock Holmes mystery) case of HP AKA Palm/HP Web OS and the true meaning of “support.” The really big question is what does support entail? What are HP’s obligations to me, my device and my data? Read more..

Donald Schwartz October 26, 2011 Filed in Tech BZ No Responses